Vegan Vegetarian Plant Based Adventures

Group adventures for normal people who also happen to be vegan or vegetarian

Founded by Martin Guirey, an avid traveller and vegan, Veg Out is a reletively new and small travel company, offering fun and affordable adventure-style group trips to travellers who choose a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle or diet but who prefer to avoid constantly debating their reasons, justifying their choices, fending off personal questions, being the target of scorn when looking for places to eat or making do with yet another vegan option (limp salad anyone?).

By travelling as part of a like-minded group with a vegan Trip Leader you can relax knowing that all the planning is taken care of so you can focus on enjoying your travel experiences in your new destination. The trips are laid-back with a subtle but not overbearing vegan focus, aimed at fully experiencing each location, the local people and incredible cultures.

Enjoy the freedom to set your own pace while still taking advantage of the safety and community of a group adventure thanks to a variety of
extra group or solo activities, available in each location.

because the people you travel with are as important as the places you travel to​

I can't join a group tour because choosing where to eat will be a nightmare if I'm the only vegan

I really want to try the local food but I'm not confident of explaining that I'm vegan in the local language

Asia looks amazing but I don't have the time/inclination to research and plan such a detailed trip

How do I know which are the best places to visit and how do I fit everything into a two-week break from work?

I'm worried about doing everything myself. How can I be sure of the safest transport or if the hotel food is vegan?


More locations coming soon. Let us now where you'd like to go next. We do listen.






Private tours

Prefer a private trip for your own group? No problem

Drop us a line below with a few details and we'll get right back to you

Friends & Community

Amazing travel experiences are about more than where we go or how we get there.

It's about who we share our experiences with

It's about who we travel with

Group tours and trips are an incredible way to explore other countries and cultures while also meeting and making new friends from around the world, but sharing your adventures with the wrong people could ruin the entire experience.

Being plant-based in a mixed group or social situation, especially where eating out is involved can be awkward at best, and totally disastrous at worst. Lack of understanding, hurtful comments or just simple ignorance from your fellow travellers has the potential to ruin an otherwise wonderful experience.

The Freedom to be yourself

A plant-based group tour gives you the freedom to enjoy the experience, the food, the culture, the people and the wildlife with like-minded people who share and respect your life choices.

A trip with The Veg Adventure isn't about making a point about being plant-based.
The countries we visit and the things we do aren't even vegan focused for the most part.
We're just a bunch of normal inquisitive travellers who want to explore the world and make some new friends without the hassles and prejudices we experience on a day-to-day basis at home. Why settle for less?

Our Story

Hi, my name is Martin. I'm a British, Nomadic Vegan.


I've been running exciting, adventurous tours for people from all over the world for over 20 years for a number of international tour operators.

Why choose a vegan tour?

Freedom to be yourself   |   Vegan meals and hotels   |   Everything done for you   |   New Friends   |   Like-minded community

Any tour takes a lot of planning, but you're vegan, so the planning is even more important and time-consuming.

On a vegan group tour, the important things are planned and booked for you, meaning that you won't need to spend countless stressful hours on your laptop researching every last detail.

They say that travelling alone never gets lonely, but the reality is that it can, especially if you want to eat in vegan-friendly eateries.

Travel with a vegan group tour and you're guaranteed good vegan company every time you eat out, with none of the usual eye-rolling and under the breath mutters.

And when your tour ends, you'll have lots of new friends who share your vegan values to chat with from all over the world and maybe meet up with again next year (yes that was a shameful plug for booking with us again - sorry about that)

On an organised vegan group tour the important things are already planned, booked and paid for. leaving you fewer decisions to make, less chance of disagreements with partners and more free time to enjoy the experience

Because your itinerary is planned so well and your tour operates so efficiently, there's little to no time wasted, meaning that you have the maximum amount of time to get out, meet the locals, try the food, learn the culture or treat yourself to a nice massage.

There will always be more vegan choices and power to control your environment when travelling as a vegan group than if you were travelling alone

Controlling your budget is much easier on a group tour.

At every location, we enjoy at least one included group activity, all accommodation and transport (including on-tour flights) are included, and we have an optional group meal every evening. This leaves no hidden financial surprises and you can easily enjoy your entire tour without spending very much extra at all.

A wise person once said, "Focus on the journey, not the destination"

We've run our tours many times, so we know what works. What time to leave to avoid the rush, the safest buses, the comfiest trains and how to get taxis without getting ripped off. All information that you can't get from a guidebook and which can only be learned by trial and error.

If the journey is as important as the destination then it makes sense to let us, the local experts make it as safe, comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Is a Vegan group tour right for you?

I’ve been planning, creating, and running trips & tours all over the world for more than 30 years now and I’ve been a whole food, plant-based vegan for over 5 years

I’d like to think there isn’t anybody who cares more about your choices, understands your challenges and who has the experience and desire to create and operate amazing plant-based adventure tours for you and the plant-based community.

Vegan Staff
We understand what’s important to you because it’s important to us too
Like-minded Friends​

Share your travels and experiences with like-minded people

Smaller Groups
A max group size of 15 gives a better group dynamic & a better experience
Relaxed Pace
More time to enjoy each country with less time spent travelling between locations
Vegan Friendly Hotels

All our hotels are fully vegan or vegan friendly

Get in Touch

We'd love to hear from you and answer any questions

Or read our Frequently Asked Questions page

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No Deposit to pay

If we’ve all learnt anything from the past couple of years, it’s that putting down large deposits for travel is can be a bit risky, even with promises of “Full Refunds”.

So t make things easier and risk free, Tour Vegan members can book trips with No Deposit payable until 8 weeks before travel and final payment not due until 48 hours before travel.

It's your adventure so make it memorable for the right reasons

4 simple steps

Booking made easy with no risk


Choose the type of people
you want to travel with


Choose your destination


Choose your date


Make your booking
and relax

Bookings made with no hassle, no deposit and no risk