Hi, I'm Martin

I’m a WFPB vegan Brit and for the past 30 years, I’ve been working in tourism all around the world, helping thousands of people enjoy their holidays, vacations and adventures.

Now based in Thailand with my family, the UK tour company, Tucan Travel who I worked with for 12 years closed this year (2021) due to the coronavirus, and rather than feel sorry for myself, I’ve chosen, with the help of Ae, my Thai wife, to begin the next chapter and bring together all my experience and knowledge to create the best shared group tours specifically for vegans and vegetarians.

Plant-based group travel should be fun

I chose to start Tour Vegan so that people who choose a plant-based lifestyle are free to enjoy fantastic and exciting group tours without the worry of being judged or criticized, or just made to feel uncomfortable when eating out or chatting with their group.

As a both a vegan and non-vegan tour host, I’ve experienced vegans on tour suffering and worrying about meal times on numerous occasions and and I believe this is unfair and unacceptable

By creating Vegan & Veggie only tours I wanted to give everyone the chance to avoid these situations and simply make the most of their adventures and the opportunity to share the experience with like-minded people.

We won't grow just for the sake of it

We’re starting off with just a few tours each year to only a few select destinations to ensure that all our tours are special and that I can always provide a personal service from your first email until your final day when it’s time to say goodbye until the next time.

That said, we are planning to introduce at least one or two new destinations each year so that once you’ve enjoyed your first tour with us, you can then plan your next adventure with your new found vegan friends.

No cramped, overly full tours

We’ve intentionally left our maximum group size at only 16.

Having run group tours for many years I found and my customers regularly told me that the ‘sweet spot’ for group size was 12-16. Less than this and the group was too thinned out, more and the host was too busy and customers envariably missed out and felt overly cramped.

Incredible experiences shouldn't be rushed

Many tour companies only stay 2-nights in each location before rushing you onto the next location with promises of the next ideal Instagram moment. In reality, the first day in each location is always spent travelling to get there. Consequently, time on the first day in each new place is pretty limited and you’ll often be too tired after the rushed journey to enjoy what time there is anyway.

To ensure that we all get to experience and enjoy each country to the full, we visit three contrasting locations in each country, minimising travel but also ensuring that the travel forms a memorable part of your experience. We stay in each  locations for at least 3-nights, often more, to give ebveryone enough time to explore the local area, venture further a field if you choose and even get some time to simply chill and watch the world go by.

We may all be plant-based, vegan and vegetarian but we all want different things from our travels so want to give you the time and space to do what you want.

Why rush to a cramped timetable?
You could have stayed home for that.






Thank you

Thank you so much and I really do hope to meet you soon on one of our tours.

I genuinely hope that this page and my timeline has given you some insight into me and my abilities to create and run fantastic group tours for vegans. In case you’re still on the fence, why not visit my referrals and review page. I’m lucky enough that when some of my past customers lesrned about Tour Vegan, they reached out and left me reviews of our tours together and I’ve also included some from Trip Advisor for the Asia tours when I was the manager of Tucan Travel.

Please, if you have any questions, drop me a line and we can either chat or email or we can find a mutually suitable time (time zones all being considered) to have a real talk on Skype / Whatsapp / Line / Telegram / Zoom or even a real good old fashioned phone call.

All the very best and thanks again for checking us out.