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Because the people you travel with are as important as the places you travel to​

Share your travels & experiences with like-minded people

I wish I could travel with others without being judged for my vegan choices

I've always wanted to try a group tour but the thought of being the only vegan in a group puts me off.

I wish I knew other people like me who want to visit all the same places that I do

I really want to travel but none of my friends want to go and I know I wouldn't enjoy travelling alone.

I want to travel but I wish somebody else could do all the research & planning

Travelling sounds great but I don't have the time/skills/patience to research & plan everything

Hi, my name is


These are just a few of the questions and comments voiced by normal people like you and me who just don’t have anyone like-minded enough to share their travels with, people who yearn to travel but don’t have the time, energy or inclination to sit in front of a computer for endless hours planning their next trip and of course, people like you and me who simply want to enjoy their travel experience without being judged for our vegan choices and without the inevitable pressures felt when dining out or simply chatting withiin non-plant based groups.

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I’ve worked in travel and tourism around the world for over 30 years, helping thousands of people enjoy their holidays, vacations and adventures.

In 2021 the UK travel company, who I worked with for 12 years closed. Rather than dwelling on the negative I’ve instead chosen to follow my dreams to create travel experiences for people like you, people who love to travel, find new experiences and follow a plant-based lifestyle.

Together I hope we can do more than this and create a community, stay connected and help each other on our travels.

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Plant-based Owners

We understand what’s important to you because it’s important to us too

Plant-based Friends

Share your travels and experiences with like-minded people who share your needs

Smaller Groups

A max group size of 16 gives a better group dynamic & a better experiences

Less Rush

More time to enjoy each country with 3 varied locations visited per trip

Better Quality

We don’t need luxury but we do want things to be clean, comfortable & reliable

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More places to come. 

Have your say and vote for where you’d like to go next.

It isn't just about the Travel, it's about the people

Plant-based travelers should be free to experience life without the negativity and problems that being plant-based can bring. 

A vegan and vegetarian travel community can offer support, advice, meetups, and of course enjoyable and rewarding travel opportunities.

Private tours

Prefer a private Plant Based trip? No problem

Drop us a line below with a few details and we'll get back to you

Any tour takes a lot of planning, but you're vegan, so the planning is even more important and time-consuming.

On a vegan group tour, the important things are planned and booked for you, meaning that you won't need to spend countless stressful hours on your laptop researching every last detail.

They say that travelling alone never gets lonely, but the reality is that it can, especially if you want to eat in vegan-friendly eateries.

Travel with a vegan group tour and you're guaranteed good vegan company every time you eat out, with none of the usual eye-rolling and under the breath mutters.

And when your tour ends, you'll have lots of new friends who share your vegan values to chat with from all over the world and maybe meet up with again next year (yes that was a shameful plug for booking with us again - sorry about that)

On an organised vegan group tour the important things are already planned, booked and paid for. leaving you fewer decisions to make, less chance of disagreements with partners and more free time to enjoy the experience

Because your itinerary is planned so well and your tour operates so efficiently, there's little to no time wasted, meaning that you have the maximum amount of time to get out, meet the locals, try the food, learn the culture or treat yourself to a nice massage.

There will always be more vegan choices and power to control your environment when travelling as a vegan group than if you were travelling alone

Controlling your budget is much easier on a group tour.

At every location, we enjoy at least one included group activity, all accommodation and transport (including on-tour flights) are included, and we have an optional group meal every evening. This leaves no hidden financial surprises and you can easily enjoy your entire tour without spending very much extra at all.

A wise person once said, "Focus on the journey, not the destination"

We've run our tours many times, so we know what works. What time to leave to avoid the rush, the safest buses, the comfiest trains and how to get taxis without getting ripped off. All information that you can't get from a guidebook and which can only be learned by trial and error.

If the journey is as important as the destination then it makes sense to let us, the local experts make it as safe, comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Is A Vegan TOUR right for you?

I’ve been planning, creating, and running trips & tours all over the world for more than 30 years now and I’ve been a whole food, plant-based vegan for over 5 years

I’d like to think there isn’t anybody who cares more about your choices, understands your challenges and who has the experience and desire to create and operate amazing plant-based adventure tours for you and the plant-based community.


If we’ve all learnt anything from the past couple of years, it’s that putting down large deposits for travel is can be a bit risky, even with promises of “Full Refunds”.

So t make things easier and risk free, Tour Vegan members can book trips with No Deposit payable until 8 weeks before travel and final payment not due until 48 hours before travel.

It's your adventure so make it memorable for the right reasons

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