Frequently Asked Questions

Text about Sorted Tours?

Before the pandemic, large deposits paid months and months in advance were the norm. This all changed in 2020 when many customers lost deposits and payments that were supposedly protected by law.

More than any other travel company, we ensure the total safety of your money by not taking any deposit at the time of booking and nothing until 45-60 days before departure. Even then we only ask for enough to pay our own deposits to secure the tour components. To complete the balance you can pay any amount at any time right up until the tour starts at your destination.

So should there be any last minute, unexpected issues, you haven’t lost everything.

We are a new company and we are expanding all the time. Concentrating on certain countries each year means we can provide much better service and attention to detail than if we were to offer everything possible. Quality over quantity 🙂

We don’t run multiple tours departing every week so each and every tour is as special to us as it is to you.

Our tours start on a Sunday and end on a Friday. This is to cater for people who need to book time off work to join our tours. If we ran 2 week tours you would need to take more than 2 weeks off work to allow time spent travelling to and from the destination.

Also, arriving on a Sunday is usually a quieter day to arrive with no rush hour traffic to deal with on arrival after a long flight.

We spend enough time in each location to actually enjoy it.

Most tour companies advertise 2 nights in most locations but it isn’t made clear that the first day in each location is time spent travelling to get there, resulting in only one full day in most locations.

Sorted Tours offer 3 nights in most locations using the same format each time:

Day 1 – Travel and introduction/orientation & evening activities.

Day 2  – Included excursion and/or activities

Day 3 – Free day to either relax or plan (with our help) your own choice of local activities.

Absolutely. Everyone travelling on our group tours are required to have travel insurance cover. Due to the varying nature, availability and cost of health care around the world, travel insurance is very much an essential and necessary part of every journey.

You can bring whichever luggage type you are comfortable with. However, you should be able to carry your luggage for short distances without assistance, including up or down flights of stairs if needed. We do try to minimise walking with luggage as much as possible and usually have door to door transport. However, there are occasions between taxi ranks and airport checkin desks, or inside large train stations for example, where carrying your own luggage will be needed.

Although international airlines may allow more, domestic airlines usually only allow 20kg of checked in luggage and 7kg of carry on luggage. Therefor, Sorted Tours recommend bringing luggage not exceeding 20kg or oversize fees may be charged by the carrier.

We use a mixture of local and western leaders depending on the tour and where possible we use both! Local leaders naturally have more local knowledge but Western leaders may understand and appreciate the groups needs more.

Solo passengers generally share a room with another group member. This will always be a person of the same gender. Couples and friends travelling together will share a room unless pre-arranged otherwise. Shared rooms for customers travelling together will be on a Twin-bed basis unless otherwise requested. Please add this request at the time of booking or contact us directly.

Of course should you be travelling solo but also prefer your own private room throughout the tour this can be arranged and is available as an add-on at the time of booking.

With Sorted Tours you will experience a huge variety of amazing food in each location.

Breakfasts are included so you don’t need to leave the hotel in search of food and therefor don’t waste any precious time in the morning.

Lunch and dinner are not included for a few reasons:

  1. When you are out and about enjoying your free time you won’t feel like you must return to the hotel at a certain time for a meal you have already paid for in the cost of your tour.
  2. If you fancy eating away from the group then you are not losing out on meals already paid for.
  3. Some people are more adventurous than others and some people have specific dietary needs so not having meals included means you can find something that fits you.

Having said that, your tour leader will always suggest restaurants in each location, and arrange evening group meals for those who do wish to join. In the majority of places in Thailand, there is a huge choice of both local and international cuisine.

Yes! Some other tour companies make you pay and book the internal flights yourself. At Sorted Tours we don’t understand why they would do this. All transport stated on our itineraries is included in the price.

All tours start and end at the same airport for convenience and peace of mind. Return flights in and out of the same airport from your home country are often cheaper than flying in to one place then flying back home from another.

Yes you can. If your tour is not finishing at the airport your Group Leader will be able to arrange this for you in location at cost price.

With the exception of Japan where going by rail is more convenient.

Some tours finish at the airport in the city the tour started for more flexibility. We have found that many people don’t want to return to a city we have already visited just to finish the tour. Some people connect and fly out on an evening flight that day, some people choose to stay at an airport hotel and fly out the next morning. If you do want more time in the city after we land then your Group Leader will assist you in getting back to the city.

No worries, we are fully flexible. If you would like to opt out of the final journey back to the starting point we will deduct the cost from your tour. Or, if you would like more time in the final destination on tour we can extend your stay and fly you back to the starting point at a later date. Just let us know your plans at least 60 days before your tour departs.

Certainly. Email us directly or have a chat with your Group Leader at any point on tour about your onward travel after the tour. We can help book connections, make recommendations etc. For free!