Mission Statement

Our mission is simple, to provide people who choose a plant based lifestyle the opportunity to experience and enjoy travel to fantastic destinations on small group tours without concern about how their life choices may be percieved, judged or criticised by their fellow travellers or members of staff.

We are committed to and passionate about creating an environment for our customers which is safe and supportive, where there is a sensible balance between travel time, discovery time and relaxation time and where individual personalities are free to be expressed without prejudice.

Our tours are not vegan themed but where appropriate will include vegan themed activities such as cooking classes and responsible activities such as visits to ethical animal rescue shelters etc. We aim to experience the best of everything in each destination, sharing the experience with like-minded plant based people, while minimising negative impacts on local environments, cultures, people and animals.

Our aims are to –

Use smaller local suppliers, thereby creating more jobs and a better income for local people.

Only use vegan trusted hotels and transport whenever possible and where this is not possible to use the very best alternatives.

When employing local staff to pay fair wages to both increase our customers interaction with the local culture and to provide a fair and comfortable income for our staff and their families.

We are committed to and passionate about creating an environment for our staff which is safe and supportive, where working hours are fair and flexible and where loyalty and performance is rewarded with genuine opportunity for advancement and stability.

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