The only source of knowledge is experience

Now I’m certainly no Einstein, but the quote above does make sense. There is no substitute for quality experience.

Your tour isn’t cheap and it’s a once in a lifetime experience for you. ThereforeI shouldn’t you know and be fully assured that your tour is both planned and escorted by experienced, dedicated people with a long history of caring for travellers’ happiness, enjoyment and wellbeing? This is especially true for your tour host who has such an influence over the success of each tour .

Please take a minute to glance through my timeline below. I hope it’ll give you a little insight into my own experience and how I’ve been involved in the tourism industry at various levels and caring for people’s holidays for over 30 years.

P.S. The picture is of Einstein, not me 🙂

1982 - 1985
Mallorca, SPAIN

My Mum moved to Mallorca, Spain so I, aged 16 obviously tagged along. Seriously who wouldn't.

While my mates back home were working in factories and shops I was working the beaches of Magalluf  learning young what people on holiday really wanted.

Benidorm & Malaga, SPAIN

At 20 years old I was still officially too young to get a job as a holiday rep but managed to blag my way in, somehow.

What followed can only be described as 4 of the most  enjoyable and educational years of my life.

Acapulco, MEXICO

At 20 years old I was still officially too young to get a job as a holiday rep but managed to blag my way in, somehow.

What followed can only be described as 4 of the most  enjoyable and educational years of my life.


This was it, this was now officially my career. I was a fully fledged manager with responsibilities and staff.

Another great year and another fantastic education on how to actually make good holidays happen.

1998 - 2003

One year  as Head Rep in Fethiye, Turkey for Manos Holidays, part of the Airtours Group, followed by 4 great years working as Overseas manager for Jewel in the Crown Holidays. Turkey during the summer and Goa in the winter. Looking back i didn't know how lucky i was.

Mallorca, SPAIN

A short summer season working with a small company called Medhotels and back in Mallorca once again.

2008 - 2009

Aftere a difficult few years back in the UK I took off backpacking and headed for patures new - Southeast Asia and to start off, Thailand.


What an awesome year driving a converted truck all around Morocco  for 7 months with 2-week tour groups camping and glamping.

Fun, eductional and just what I needed to get back into the life of a tourism junkie.

2010 - 2011

Running small group tours all around S.E. Asia for an amazing UK compoany, Tucan Travel was a fantastic experience and learning opportunity. This is where I really learned how to deal with whatever life can throw at you -Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore were all amazing

2012 2019

Did I mention that Tucan Travel were amazing? With great timing my boss left and Tucan asked me to become there Asia Manager (Middle East & N. Africa were added later) meaning I coulld settle full time in Thailand. What an honour and an opportunity.

Thailand, Asia and beyond

The end of an era. Due to the Coronavirus Tucan Travel sadly closed the doors after 33 years in business.

So onward and upward with my new tours aimed at you, Vegans and plant based folks who simply want a great adventure but want to avoid all the  stresses of travelling and eating with non-vegans 24/7.

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Thank you so much and I really do hope to meet you soon on one of our tours over here in Asia.

I genuinely hope that this page and my bckground has given you some insight into me and my abilities to create and run fantastic group tours for vegans. In case you’re still on the fence, why not visit my referrals and review page. I’m lucky enough that when some of my past customers lesrned about Tour Vegan, they reached out and left me reviews of our tours together and I’ve also included some from Trip Advisor for the Asia tours when I was the manager of Tucan Travel.

Please, if you have any questions, drop me a line and we can either chat or email or we can find a mutually suitable time (time zones all being considered) to have a real talk on Skype / Whatsapp / Line / Telegram / Zoom or even a real good old fashioned phone call.

All the very best and thank again for checking us out.


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